CygNET Systems Pvt. Ltd has etched in its foundation stone the following core values: –

  • The Client

Each client has his / her own set of requirements and risks with variation on the following issues: business, functionality, technical design, time-lines and cost control. It is the job of CygNET to follow, respect and advise them accordingly.

  • The Quality Expected 

No quality means no client. The implementation of quality control at every stage of development, testing and on-site implementation support is the corner stone of a successful completion of a task.

  • Flexibility 

Software development is a notoriously difficult process due to the dynamic nature of business and thus the client’s requirements have to be continuously adapted and upgraded without loss of time & productivity.

Application of Technology 

CygNET devotes 30% of its resource base to the program of Research & Development of technology areas hence providing the best-suited & appropriate technological services both in design and content to the client.