Development of Web Portals

Development of Web Portals


Web Portal Development

Development of Web Portals

Years of practical experience enables our team to offer you the required expertise to design and program your enterprise wide web services / application / portal using appropriate technologies for scripting and web application/component building.



Outlined below are some of the web development projects that we have already implemented & maintained using a variety of web based technologies.

Business Plan Document Generator

Creation of a web portal which allows entrepreneurs to create business plans.These business plans are built on stored business templates. The portal works as a wizard, allowing the user to easily fill out the several sections of the business plan and then build a plan based on intelligent algorithms and information in the template. Financials can also be generated based on privilege of the user.

Patient Information Systems for the Health-Care Industry.

This is an online healthcare system which is a central LIVE repository of patient and doctor data which is continuously audited & validated ensuring that updated / latest information is available at all points of time.Every patient creates/updates/edits a medical repository. The information can be validated online by his/her assigned doctor. There is also a high level audit system to keep the history of all online activity of information such as date of creation, author etc.There is a sophisticated security system to ensure that only authentic users have access to this data. The medical information entered by the patient data can also be validated and confirmed by the doctor.

e-Governance System for Field Operations management for Municipal Authorities

This is a field operations system which provides accountability for employee & equipment deployment with performance measurement and management reporting. The system allows the user to define their own daily assignment schedule and then ‘load’ this setup on the day of service. These assignments include route/crew numbers, employee time/attendance, work hours, and equipment – revisions are made on an exception basis only. The system also maintains employee records, tracks individual time & attendance and assigned work, tracks equipment inventory, status & utilization, employee worksheet accounts for daily performance, work Outputs and activity costing for labor, equipment & other components. There is also a billing section for services provided.

Community Resource Network Portal

Community Resource Network  is collaborative network connects resources to people by putting organizations in touch with each other in order to share information and achieve a greater collective impact. This helps community agencies, organizations and service providers give better service to those in need. The Community Resources Network consists of member organizations that have agreed to share time, energy, ideas, and good will. CRN connects resources to people by putting organizations in touch with each other in order to share information and achieve a greater collective impact in "real time." The relationship based effort will increase the likelihood that the needs of children, youth and families will be met. Providers can submit requests of un-met needs for their organization or clients and opt-in to categories of service requests.

Vendor drop ship system for a shopping network

This system allows approved vendors to be able to directly sell their merchandise via the shopping network website. The system caters for the vendor to upload the entire catalogue of his products that the vendor wishes to sell via the website. There is also an regular online inventory status update of the products. In the order fulfilment mode the system processes all the orders that are existing, making the relevant changes to the inventory, transmitting the correct data shipping as well as initiates the process for order acknowledgement. The system takes care of issues such as Return Items, Credit Memos and Remittance Advice transactions.

Portal for Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

Web Portal that that maintains, and tracks various Electric Car charging stations and associated charging data, as well as provides property owners, managers, and parking companies with services that enable the remote monitoring and management of Electric Car charging stations and payment processing.

Online In-store air-time purchase System

This system allows retailers to assist advertisers submit purchase requests for air-time
on their in-store audio system and to plan and schedule messages/jingles as per the
requests. The system also coordinates activities of production & recording with the
audio specialists, advertisers and retailers as well as the actual uploading of the
message/jingle to the in-store system by the sys-Admin of the store. A payment by
Credit Card system is also integrated into the system so as to facilitate online
payments for the said services.

Card Bureau, Authentication & Authorization & Membership System

This is an N-tiered system for several web based companies that provide different services to each other. The services include activities such as a full fledged Credit Bureau System, a central authentication and authorization facility and membership repository. The systems were designed to be highly scalable, guaranteeing a high level of security between transactions and in the access to the information while also
allowing for a high level of performance. Careful account for quick increase in usage applications were taken hence allowing for scaling out as needed in a web farm or cluster environment.

Integration of Shopping Carts & Payment Gateways to websites

The engineers at CygNET have assisted several clients in seamlessly integrating shopping cart applications & payment gateways into their websites hence fulfilling their quest of offering complete online e-commerce solutions. These shopping carts & payment gateways were integrated, configured and customized as per the client requirements.

Customer Relationship Management Software for Automobile Service Stations

This system keeps track of information and statistics of customer and vehicle of a particular automobile service station. Service Information, Service Adviser Details, Service Team Details, their interactive relationships as well Customer Feedback on services rendered is kept track off automatically and stored in a central repository. The system also automatically sends reminders of “due” service day of a particular vehicle for a particular customer. Using the system, the user can order vehicle parts as well estimate the delivery and cost of the same. Discount and redemption schemes as introduced by the service station is also generated and kept track off.

e-Governance System for customer relation management for Municipal Authorities.

This is a customer service system which delivers the critical information that a organization needs to effectively communicate with and respond to customer requests The system maintains & updates address information, services levels, equipment & property history, services provided, billing records, service requests, work status & warranties.

e-Governance System for Permitting, Request & Case Tracking Solutions for Local & State Governments

This system automates the entire process of permit request & approval for employees, citizens and contractors. The systems lets citizens & contractors submit permit applications and request inspections over the internet. The system coordinates inspection schedules and other administrative procedures automatically. Through an integrated work flow feature, the user can see current status, completed activities and inspections as well as future scheduled inspections. There is also a mobile access and
contractor tracking modules.

The system also includes an automated work flow and document processing solution for creating & tracking complaint case files from inquiry through resolution. It also includes the recording of violations & the coordination of resolutions. There is easy access to case related details, schedule and assign work flow tasks. There is also a graphing and reporting module for detailed analysis. There is also a central electronic repository of all documents, email, digital photographs, notes & mailings for each case.

World Wide Mail to Print & Delivery System

This system allows subscribers to send messages to their friends & relatives via email and then this email is printed out & delivered to its destination via the local postage service. It has an full fledged subscriber management & reporting system as well as a status of print & delivery status. The systems allow for affiliates as well as partner schemes for the same. There is also a inbuilt merchant delivery system.

Real Estate Auction Site

This web application is a online auction portal for real estate. There are separate sections for buyers, sellers and realtors. Each section keeps detailed information of each category. There is also a separate section describing each property that is to be auctioned and its details. Map Quest is used to zone into the real estates that are being auctioned. There is LIVE auction section with all the details of the auction and the present status of the same. There other sections which include calculators, finance schemes, Sale Agreements, News and Community Groups.

Online Mortgage Niche Search Engine

This search engine is capable of maintaining bank and niche related information.
Registered users can search the qualified bank or banks, which satisfies the niche criteria.

Other Web Based Development projects include

Development of a Defect Control System
Development of a Task Management & Scheduler System
Development of a Online Component Catalog
Portal for Anti-Spam Configuration & Control Management
Customizable Site Search Engine
Registration Console and Reporting for Shareware Authors

Application Development

Application Development


Application Development

Point of Sales (POS) Invoicing Systems
Development of Data Theft Prevention Software
Development of Inventory Control Systems
Development of Computer Forensic Software.
Plug-in Development for Microsoft® FrontPage®
Development of Stock Accounting Systems
Plug-in Development for Microsoft® Outlook
Extension Development for Microsoft® Exchange
Development of Excise Accounting Systems
Development of Systems for Human Resources
Development of Statistical Quality Control Systems
Development of a Tool for Encryption of Data
Non Linear Editing of DVD Content Tool
Interactive Multi-Angle Viewer
Interactive Multimedia Engine Development
Enterprise Wide Scanning and Data Retrieval System
Tool For Multi-Lingual Development
Registry and Initialization File Protector
Customized AutoCAD® Development using ADS & ARX
Web data locator and storage spider
Windows Hook Manipulator
System Diagnostic Tool
Image Editor for Ophthalmologists.
Customized web browser for senior citizens